Full-featured and interoperable
assessment platform is a next generation competency-based teaching-learning platform fine-tuned to the needs of upskilling institutions and schools all over the world. The platform comes with comprehensive authoring, case-based authentic assessment delivery, and performance reporting.

a platform formodern organisations

Discover innovation in digital assessment — is for organizations that want the freedom to control and create competency-based authentic assessment experience – from authoring to delivery to reporting.

Built with interoperability in mind

Connect the tools
 you already use offers a powerful bridge between training, assessment, and certification agencies.

Seamlessly integrate with the technologies you already use a comprehensive digital ecosystem. Keep using your LMS or third-party tool on the back-end, and deliver a authentic assessment experience to test-takers through Our platform does more than just integrate, it has the potential to stay seamlessly connected to what's happening in any other platform. The impact is a more powerful digital ecosystem with built-in interoperability between technologies and applications.

Key features

innovate faster and build a unique digital testing ecosystem –

Services Overview

Work with a team that is here to make sure your assessment programs are running smoothly and scaling with your demand –

1. Managed cloud-based services

Power the assessment
 experience securely

Spend your time where it matters – fast, flexible and secure cloud-based platform for secure and reliable assessments. managed cloud services lets you tap into the security, flexibility and ease of a fully managed cloud-based deployment to deliver a fast and reliable digital assessment experience, at any scale. We’ll take care of the platform hosting and IT so you can have more time back to focus on your assessment programs. We work with leading cloud providers like AWS and Linode to provide a highly scalable, secure, and robust environment for both online content development and test delivery.

2. Training and Support

Extensive technical
 experience you can rely on

From production to launch, we’re dedicated to helping ensure your assessment programs are up and running smoothly.

We know that technology is an investment, so it’s important that your systems are a gateway to your success–not a barrier. That’s why our team is here to make sure you get the most out of your digital assessment solution. Our training is designed to ensure success for your assessment programs at every stage of your deployment.

technnology for good

accessible and
 equitable opportunities

Qualification packs listed as of 11/23/2020, 04:35: 20 with over 10,000 standards covered. In addition our criterion-referenced question bank is continuously growing.

Our platform is projected to be used by hundreds-of-thousands of individuals seeking opportunities to learn, grow and work. We are proud to be a small part of the contemporary technology movement that empowers people and enables equitable opportunities.